Appearances are often deceiving! Don’t let yourself be carried away by first impressions because you could be completely wrong.

The saying “the habit does not make the monk” refers to the fact that people should not be judged by their appearance but instead be distinguished by their behavior and values.

Another way of saying it is that “not everything is what it seems.” Get to know other people, not only on the outside but above all, on the inside. The most important thing is not how they dress, what music they listen to, and what they do when they get bored, but what they give importance to, what they value. In short: what matters is what they have in their hearts.

Equity and loving your neighbor above all, beautiful precepts learned since childhood but not entirely fulfilled. These are lessons that have left traces in our spiritual growth.

The goal is to learn to be aware and to act appropriately. One is to learn to be spiritual, and the other is to live in awareness. The difference is that through education at home, you start living in it with naturalness. When you get to study it, you realize that everything is effortless. We have a very long way to go, and as the great masters say: It is not to diminish the light of the others so that ours shines. Let us be protagonists and not affected patients of what happens to us.

He who loves himself has no rival. Investing in knowledge always produces the best returns. Happiness is not produced by strokes of fortune, which occur rarely, but by small advantages that present every day.

La Diva

A woman with glamour is elegant, knows how to dress, knows her body, and has a lot of attitudes. She knows how to adapt to the trends that benefit her, discard those that don’t, and she is comfortable with her style and her way of being.